Silica Fume for Refractories in Saudi Arabia

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Silica Fume for Refractories in Saudi Arabia

Silica Fume for Refractories in Saudi Arabia

In today’s construction and engineering world, the use of high-quality building materials is essential to ensure the durability and safety of a project. Silica fume is used as a high quality mineral admixture in concrete, refractory and other specialty engineering applications. In this article, we share how our company provided a customized silica fume solution to a customer from Saudi Arabia to meet their high quality requirements for refractory materials.

Customer needs and challenges

Our customer Najib is from Saudi Arabia and is in the refractory trading business. He requires 1000 tons per month of 92% undensified silica fume for the production of high performance refractories. In addition to the high purity requirement, he wanted the product to be able to enter through the port of Jeddah for easy transportation and subsequent application.

Customized Solutions

In order to meet Mr. Najib’s dual requirements, we carried out the following customized solution:

Product Selection

We recommended G92U undensified silica fume, which has a purity of over 92% and meets the quality requirements for refractory production.

Port Transportation

We coordinated with our long-time logistics partner to ensure smooth customs clearance through Jeddah port, and developed an efficient transportation plan to ensure on-time delivery.

Technical support

We arranged our senior technicians to communicate with Mr. Najib to answer any technical problems he encountered in the process of using silica fume and provide professional guidance and advice.

Communication process.

We maintained close communication with Mr. Najib throughout the process. We used a variety of methods, including conference calls, emails and online chats, to understand his needs and concerns and respond quickly. The whole communication process was efficient and smooth, which made Mr. Najib feel very satisfied.

Customer Evaluation

Mr. Najib is very satisfied with the products and services of Henan Superior Abrasives. We are very grateful for their help and will continue to maintain long-term cooperation with them.”

Our Products

The silica fumes produced by our company are divided into three categories: Densified silica fume, Undensified silica fume and white silica fume.

Densified Silica Fume: G85D, G92D, G94D, G96D
Undensified Silica Fume: G85U, G92U, G94U, G96U
White silica fume (Zirconium silica fume): ZSF94, 95, 96

Advantages of our company

Our company has rich experience in the production of silica fume and perfect production facilities, product quality is stable and reliable. Our company also has an experienced technical team, which can provide professional technical support and service for customers.

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