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Silica fume rate in mixing concrete

Precautions for the use of micro silicon powder:
1, content: generally the amount is 5-10% cementitious material. The method of adding silica fume are internal and external admixture.

(1) internal mixing: under the premise of constant water volume, 1 silica fume can replace 3-5 times cement (weight) and keep the compressive strength of concrete unchanged, and improve other properties of concrete.

(2) external mixing: the cement dosage is not constant, and the concrete strength and other properties are greatly improved with the addition of silica fume. There is a certain slump loss when concrete is mixed with silica fume.

Silica fume should be used in combination with water reducing agent. It is suggested that fly ash and fine slag are added to improve its constructability.

When the concrete is mixed with silica fume, the weight ratio with the cementitious material is generally as follows:

(1) high performance concrete: 5-10%;

(2) hydraulic concrete: 5-10%;

(3) shotcrete: 5-10%;

(4) the pump agent: 2-3%;

(5) wear-resistant industrial floor: 6-8%;

(6) polymer mortar and thermal insulation mortar: 10-15%;

(7) amorphous refractory castable: 6-8%;
Before use, please choose reasonable and economical dosage according to the actual needs.

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