96% Undensified Silica Fume

96% Undensified Silica Fume


Micro Silica Fume (scientific name Microsilica or Silica Fume), The average particle size of the micro silicon powder is 0.15-0.20μm, Specific surface area is 15000-20000 m2/kg, which has a very strong surface activity.

When silica fume is used to smelt ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (metal silicon), a lot of strong volatile SiO2 and Si gases are produced in the submerged arc furnace. After the gas is discharged, it contact with air and is rapidly oxidized and condensed. It is a product of large industrial smelting. The whole process needs to be recovered by using dust removal and environmental protection equipment, because the quality is relatively light, and densified equipment is also needed for densified.

Undensified Silica Fume is mainly composed of SiO2 wollastonite, particle characteristics is ultrafine powder, the vast majority is less than 1 um, the average particle size is 0.1 um, has very high specific surface area (300-400 M2 / kg) and pozzolanic activity.

The application of unshaped castables refractories undensified silica fume:

(1). Silica fume in Concrete
. Can increacing strength, density
. Frost resistance, Early strength,
. abrasion resistance performance
. anti-cavitations

(2). Silica fume in Cement
Strengthens the fibre cement product

(3) Silica fume in refractory
Greatly improved products strength and high temperature performance.

(4) Other Applications for Silica Fume
. Rubber industry
. Anti-caking industry
. Pellet binder
. Waterglass industry

Packaging & Delivery

10kg soluble paper bags x 84 on the pallets.
20kg soluble paper bags x 42 on the pallets.
950kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom output )
1000kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom output )
500kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets (with or without bottom output )
We can also produce according to your requirement.

94% silica fume94% silica fume 

Storage of microsilica fume:

Silica fume should be kept dry, out of weather and the elements.

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96% Silica Fume

96% Silica Fume Testing Report:

96% Silica Fume Testing Report

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