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microsilicaMicrosilica powder for concrete is the original silica fume product. High quality, consistent properties and lightness of colour are the special characteristics of Microwhite.

Microsilica Specifications:

microsilica for concrete:
microsilica grade 970D
microsilica grade 940
microsilica grade 920E
microsilica grade 920 ASTM

microsilica for refractory:
microsilica grade 971
microsilica grade 968
microsilica grade 955
microsilica grade 925
microsilica grade 975

Through microsilica is famous all over the world, large company has own problem. Henan Superior Abrasives is less famous, but our company has continuous supplied more than five years for New Zealand, Vietnam, Australia, Canada and Russia, and we have began to enter into other market.

Henan Superior Abrasives microsilica technical data sheet:

Henan Superior Abrasives microsilica technical data sheet

SILICA FUME in contact with water goes into solution within an hour. The silica in solution forms an amorphous silica rich, Ca poor, gel on the surface of the silica fume particles and agglomerates. After time the silica rich, Ca poor, coating dissolves and the agglomerates of silica fume reacts with free lime (CaOH 2 ) to form calcium silicate hydrates (CSH). This reaction is called the pozzolanic reaction.

Henan Superior Abrasives microsilica technical data sheet