Microsilica Refractory

Microsilica Refractory

Microsilica Refractory

Microsilica Refractory

Microsilica index:

ItmeSiO2Al2O3Fe2O3MgOCaONaOPH average value

Application of micro silicon powder in refractories:

As a new material, micro silicon fume is widely used in the refractory industry. It has an important effect on the improvement of the amorphous refractory. The practical application is in the following aspects:

1. Instead of pure aluminum oxide as refractories.

2. The production of amorphous and shaped refractory products as additives makes the strength and high temperature performance greatly improved.

3, the overall casting ladle with coagulant.
4, other cohesive agents, binders, coagulants and additives for other refractory products.

Function of adding Silica Fume(microsilica):
– Microsilica in refractory is used in unshaped refractories
– Microsilica in refractory is used ingunned refractory materials to improves adhesion in castables and minimizes rebound loss
– Microsilica in refractory is used in shape refractories

The effect of microsilica refractories:

High quality micro silicon fume powder has super fine particle size, low water storage and high fluidity. It is widely used in high-performance refractory castables, silicon nitride sintering aids, ladle materials, self flow refractory castables, preforms, low or no cement castables and dry wet spraying materials.

The specific performance and effect:
Can be as bonder of refractory material and kiln materials, surfactant and mineralizer, is conducive to the improvement of refractory solid phase reaction and sintering driving force, reinforcement reaction speed and sintered density, conducive to the transformation of crystal stable structure, high temperature performance of the material.

Henan Superior Abrasives divides the product into 85%, 90%, 94%, 96% four specifications silica fume, according to the SiO2 content index of micro silicon powder.

The main chemical composition, micro silica powder is SiO2, the content is 85 – 98%, its elements include Fe2O3 (iron oxide), Al2O3 (alumina), CaO (calcium oxide), K2O (K2O), Na2O (Na2O), MgO (Magnesium Oxide), C (c) K2O (K2O) etc.


Per bag of 20-25Kg or 850-900Kg (can be packaged according to user requirements).

The densified micro silicon fume is delivered according to the actual production weight.


Storage and transport:

Micro silica powder is sealed with plastic woven bags, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof during storage and transportation.

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