HSA Microsilica Helps Concrete Construction In Iceland’s High-altitude Cold Regions

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HSA Microsilica Helps Concrete Construction In Iceland’s High-altitude Cold Regions

HSA Microsilica for Sale in Iceland

Recently, our company has received an inquiry from Iceland for 1000 tons of densified microsilica with D95 < 300 micron and bulk density 500-750 kg/m3.

Iceland is located in high latitude area with cold climate, the average annual temperature is only about 5℃, and the lowest temperature in winter can be below -30℃. Therefore, the project puts higher demands on the performance of the microsilica.


To meet the needs of the Icelandic customer, we recommended G94D densified microsilica, G94D densified microsilica has the following characteristics:

High activity

The average particle size of G94D densified microsilica is less than 300 microns, with large specific surface area and high activity, which can fully hydrate and react with cement to generate a large number of densified gels, fill the pores and micro-cracks in the concrete, and significantly improve the strength, durability and impermeability of concrete.

Low chlorine content

The chlorine content of G94D densified microsilica is controlled at less than 0.1%, which meets the requirements of the first grade in GB/T 15938-2018 Silica Fume, and it can effectively prevent the corrosion of concrete reinforcement.

Good fluidity

G94D densified microsilica has high sphericity, good fluidity, easy to disperse and mix, which can improve the compatibility of concrete and reduce water seepage and plastic cracks during construction.

Excellent durability

G94D compacted microsilica can significantly improve the durability of concrete against carbonation, freezing and thawing, sulfate erosion, etc., and extend the service life of concrete.

Customer Evaluation

Customers are very satisfied with the use of G94D compacted microsilica, saying that the strength, durability and impermeability of concrete have been significantly improved. Customers also said that G94D compacted microsilica has good fluidity and is easy to be dispersed and mixed, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

HSA Microsilica for Sale in Iceland

In Iceland, we offer a range of high densified and undensified micro silica fume for different building applications. Our main products include.

  • Densified Silica Fume: G85D, G92D, G94D, G96D
  • Undensified Micro Silica Fume: G85U, G92U, G94U, G96U
  • White Micro Silica Fume (Zirconia Silica Fume): ZSF94, ZSF95, ZSF96

With our expertise and innovative spirit, we work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

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