What is densified silica fume?

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densified silica fumeDensified silica fume is produced by treating undensified silica fume to increase the bulk density up to a maximum of about 400 to 720kg/m . This increase in bulk density is usually accomplished by tumbling the silica-fume particles in a silo, which causes surface charges to build up.

After the micro silica fume is densified, it is convenient to stir the concrete, but it does not affect the fluidity of the microsilica. In the process of concrete production, the use of densified silica fume is more conducive to uniform mixing and improving the comprehensive performance of concrete. Therefore, the application of densified silica fume in building materials such as concrete is more and more extensive.

densified silica fume

Densified silica fume advantages than undensified silica fume:

The densified silica fume shape is spherical, and the accumulation density is increased from about 0.2 t/m3 of original ash to 0.3-0.6 t/m3. This can reduce about 30-60% of the package transportation cost. The efficiency of the micro silica fume is greatly improved, the storage space and the land occupation are reduced. It is suitable for automatic production and field feeding. It doesn’t appear the phenomenon of fly ash, so it improves the working conditions and environment of concrete.