China microsilica for sale with low price

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China microsilica for sale with low price

China microsilica

China microsilica

Microsilica also has been applied in China’s concrete, refractory materials, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, civil engineering, road construction and so on, most are used to improve the properties and performance of cement concrete, with high strength, wear resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti permeability and frost resistance properties in the composite cement or concrete construction.

Silica fume advantages and disadvantages in concrete

1. micro silica fume concrete used in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, can improve the use of epoxy mortar and other polymer materials engineering at home and abroad, the anti abrasion ability of traditional anti abrasion materials, anti abrasion ability of this kind of material is good, but because of its linear expansion coefficient of several times in the basement of ordinary concrete, and the concrete substrate temperature is not good to that is easy to crack under the natural climatic conditions fall off, and construction is complex, toxic, expensive and can not be applied in large area. With the use of silicon powder concrete, the anti erosion and abrasion resistance of the concrete is about doubled, and the anti abrasion resistance of the anti 48m/s velocity level is increased by more than 3 times.

2. micro silicon fume concrete used in water conservancy projects can improve the crack resistance of engineering hydraulic concrete cracks, which has become a widespread concern. The reason for cracks is due to the hydration heat of the material itself, such as adding fly ash into concrete, although it can reduce the heating temperature, but the early strength is relatively low, which limits the amount of fly ash.

3. silica fume concrete can improve the anti permeability and salt corrosion resistance and protect the steel. The infiltration of chloride ions into concrete in underwater engineering causes rapid corrosion of steel bars and concrete delamination, which has short life and serious destructiveness. Conduit method is usually used for underwater concrete placement. Because of the loss of cement slurry, it cannot well bond with the base and reduce the strength of contact with water. Under the water in the concrete mix micro silica fume, these problems can be significantly improved.

4. microsilica fume concrete has strong wear resistance characteristics in rush repair of traffic highways and roads. It will take 28 days to open roads normally by ordinary concrete. Generally, early strength concrete will take 3 days to open to traffic. Concrete road surface damage is inevitable. Conventional methods of repair often cause traffic disruption and bring serious economic losses. And the use of early strength and wear resistance of the micro silicon powder concrete, the actual effect is very ideal. The runway at the airport requires the use of more than 80MPa concrete and good wear resistance, and microsilica can also be great to use.

Henan Superior Abrasives I/E Co., Ltd is one of the largest Silica Fume Suppliers in China, and also the premium source of high-performance Silica Fume products for concrete and refractory industries.

Our silica fume product technical index:

ItemTechnical indicators
SiO2/%                       ≥
Al2O3/%                      ≤
Fe2O3/%                      ≤
CaO+MgO/%                    ≤
K2O+Na2O/%                  ≤
C/%                          ≤
Clˉ/%                       ≤
pH vule4.5-7.54.0-8.54.0-8.54.0-8.5
loi /%                   ≤
Water content /%                       ≤
Specific surface area /(㎡/g)              ≥15
45m Screening allowance /%               ≤
Volcanic ash activity index (28d)/%       ≥85
Water demand ratio %                   ≤125

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