What is Specific gravity of concrete?

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What is Specific gravity of concrete?

Mineral powder concrete SF85 densified silica fume

Specific gravity of concrete

The concrete refers to the cementitious materials will be referred to as aggregate cemented into the overall engineering composite materials. The term concrete usually refers cement as cementitious material, sand and stone as aggregate, mixed with water (containing admixture and additive), also known as ordinary concrete, which is widely used in civil engineering.

According to the apparent density of concrete, concrete can be divided into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and lightweight concrete.

According to the quota, can be divided into:
1. ordinary concrete. Ordinary concrete is divided into: ordinary semi dry concrete, ordinary pumping concrete and underwater pouring concrete, each of them is divided into gravel concrete and pebble concrete.

2. antifreeze concrete. Anti freeze concrete is divided into: frost resistant semi dry concrete, anti freeze pump concrete, they are divided into: crushed stone concrete and pebble concrete.

According to use function, can be divided into:

Structural concrete, thermal insulation concrete, decorative concrete, waterproof concrete, refractory concrete, hydraulic concrete, marine concrete, road concrete, radiation protection concrete and so on.

According to the construction technology:
Centrifugal concrete, vacuum concrete, grouting concrete, shotcrete, roller compacted concrete, extruded concrete, pumping concrete and so on.

According to the way of reinforcement:

Plain concrete, reinforced concrete, steel wire mesh cement, fiber concrete, prestressed concrete and so on.

According to press the mixture:
Dry concrete, semi dry concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, high fluidity concrete, flow concrete and so on.

According to Admixture:

Fly ash concrete, silica fume concrete, slag concrete, fiber concrete and so on.

According to the compressive strength: low strength concrete (compressive strength less than 30MPa), medial concrete strength (compressive strength 30-60Mpa) and the high compressive strength (greater than or equal to 60MPa); According to per cubic meter of cement, can be divided into: lean concrete (cement amount not more than 170kg) and rich concrete (cement dosage not less than 230kg etc.).

Specific gravity of concrete:

Lightweight aggregate concrete: 2100 kg/m3

Ordinary concrete: 2300-2450 kg/m3
Heavy concrete: more than 2500 kg/m3

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