Silica fume price per kg

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Silica fume price per kg

Condensed silica fume

Condensed silica fumeCommonly silica fume price per kg is $ 0.2-0.8.

The market price of micro silica fume is affected by many factors:
1, the SiO2 content, quality, specification, densification degree, performance and other parameters.

2, production costs are related to the market prices of raw materials.

3, packaging transportation and distance (factory to destination).

4. The difference between silica fume in concrete and silica fume used in refractories.

Effect of distance and transportation on price

At present, the price of silica fume is low. The cost of logistics and transportation will account for a large portion. Compared with cement and fly ash, the transportation cost of micro-silica fume is obviously higher, so the price of micro-silica fume varies greatly from region to region.

Different packaging types, different prices

The most economical packaging at present is 1 ton/bag. There are 500 kg and 25 kg packages, too. But the cost of packaging will be even higher. 10kg paper bags are more expensive than 25kg woven bags.

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1. the SIO2 content ( 85%, 92%, 94%, 96% )
2. Bulk density ( densified and undenisfied)
3. Package ( 10kg soluable paper bags, 20kg soluable paper bags, 500kg plastic woven bags, 950kg plastic woven bags and so on )
4. Destination port.
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