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Microsilica fume powder

Silica Fume in Japan has a slightly stranger origin story than in other countries. So silica fume market is mainly in other countries, such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, Nepal, etc.

Silica fume uses:
– Fertilizer: anti-solidification agent (eliminates the need for oil coating)
– Construction materials: improve quality of ceramic construction materials, in particular, helps in improving the quality of non-asbestos fiber cement products and strengthening them
– Heat resistant material: improve usability and durability of monolithic refractory (castable)
– Concrete/mortar:
Increased strength and durability, reduces permeability and rebound (spray), control alkali aggregate reactions, freeze-thaw durability, etc.

Standard in foreign countries:
Various standards for silica fume are available in country to country but ISO standard is not issued yet. Most of the standards are made for silica fume in concrete as admixture. The latest standard in the world is EN13263 in 2005. JIS has the largest number of items to check compared to other standards. Commonly-observed feature among standards is that SiO2, SO3, Cl, Ignition loss and specific surface (BET) should be specified as important element. Most of standards set down SiO2 > 85%. Some foreign markets refer to EN or ASTM for instance in Middle East.
Chinese standard is kind of recommendation but another standard specifying SiO2 > 90% for marine and dam construction is available in China. One of item unintegrated among standards is activity index. JIS set 7 days and 28 days, but ASTM, EN, China and Korea specify one of those.

With the development, the market share of micro-silica fume in Japan is also increasing. In China, more and more goods are deliveried to Japan and used in many industries.

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