Microsilica used in refractory

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Microsilica used in refractory

Silica Fume Refractory

Silica Fume Refractory

As a new material, micro silicon powder is widely used in the refractory industry. It has an important effect on the improvement of the amorphous refractory.

(1) there are many pores in the traditional refractories, and the micro silica fume is filled in the pores, which improves the volume density and reduce the stomatal rate, and the strength can be enhanced obviously.

(2) the micro silicon powder has strong activity, can form colloid particles in water, adding a proper amount of dispersant, can enhance the fluidity, thus improving the pouring property.

(3) micro silica fume is easy to form Si-OH in water, which has strong hydrophilicity and activity. It can enhance the agglomeration of refractories, and improve the temperature performance at the same time, and prolong the service life of refractory products.

Micro silica fume powder has been widely used in the refractory industry. The practical application is in the following aspects:

(1) instead of pure aluminum oxide as refractories.

(2) as additives for production of amorphous refractory products, makes the strength and high temperature performance greatly improvement.

(3) as drums whole casting coagulant.

(4) the cohesive agent, binder, coagulant and additive for other refractory products.

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