Application of microsilica fume in metal wear-resistant floor

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metal wear-resistant floor

Emery aggregate or alloy ore, special cement, reinforcing agent, brightener, pigment, microsilica fume, coloring retention agent, etc.

The advantages of microsilica fume adding into the metal wear-resistant floor:

(1) its greatest advantage is high wear resistance, which can improve the wear resistance of concrete ground by 225%.

(2) the high density and wear-resistant surface layer formed on the surface of the floor is strong in impact resistance, and is not dusty or peeling.

(3) combined with the concrete ground, it will not fall off.

(4) the construction is convenient, the cost is economical, and the maintenance cost is low.

(5) the service life can reach more than 25 years.

Scope of application:

The metal wear-resistant floor is mainly suitable for the ground places that need high strength, wear resistance, anti pressure and dust-proof, such as large parking lot, underground garage, machinery workshop, military industry enterprise, warehouse, loading dock, warehouse store, repair workshop, aircraft parking apron, etc.