96U Microsilica used in oxide bonded silicon carbide product

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96U Microsilica used in oxide bonded silicon carbide product

silicon carbide

silicon carbideSilicon carbide is the main crystalline phase, and the oxide is a bonded refractory fired product (silicon bonded silicon carbide products, mullite bonded silicon carbide products, etc.). Widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, building materials and other industries.

SiO2 ≥ 96.5% high-grade microsilica can be used for the production of silicon carbide and other high-grade refractory materials.

Due to the high purity, low impurity, and high activity of 960U microsilica, 3-10% is added to silicon carbide, SiO2 film is formed on the surface of silicon carbide particles through sintering, and the silicon carbide particles are combined. More effectively improve the strength and high temperature thermal shock resistance of the refractories.

The grade of micro-silica fume has been widely used to replace imported similar products, manufacturing sheds, pallets, kiln furniture, etc., and achieved good social and economic benefits.

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