Silica fume properties

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Silica fume properties

Silica fume properties

Silica fume properties

Silica fume, also known as microsilica fume, is amorphous super fine active silica fume with pozzolanic properties formed by the rapid oxidation and condensation of SiO2 and Si gas with air in high temperature smelting.

Silica fume properties:

1, silica fume: the appearance is white, gray, black powder, refractoriness >1600℃. Bulk density: 200-250 kilogram / cubic meter. It can also be densified to 300-750 kg/m3. The chemical composition of silica fume is related to the smelting material.

2, the fineness of silica fume: the fineness of silica fume is less than 1um, accounting for more than 80%, the average particle size is 0.1 – 0.3 um, and the specific surface area is 20 to 28 m2/g. The fineness and specific surface area of silica fume are about 80-100 times than cement and 50-70 times of fly ash.

3, particle morphology and mineral structure: during the formation process of silica fume, the amorphous phase is formed by the action of surface tension during the transformation process, and the surface is smooth. Some are aggregates with multiple spherical particles adhered together. It is a very high surface area and highly active volcanic ash. With silica fume, small spheroids can also be lubricated.

More about Silica fume properties:

Scope of application:

Reactive powder concrete (RPC), high strength wear-resisting floor, oil field cementing, anchorage agent, high-grade ditch cover plate, track slab admixture, commercial concrete, high-strength concrete, self leveling concrete and clear water concrete, color concrete. Unshaped refractory material, dry mixed mortar (premixed), high strength non shrinkage grouting material, wear industrial floor, repair mortar, polymer mortar, thermal insulation mortar, impermeability of concrete, concrete, concrete preservatives, compacting agent of cement based polymer waterproofing agent; rubber, plastics, unsaturated polyester, oil paint, coating and other polymer materials reinforcement, ceramic products modification, tire wear modification etc.

Silica fume should be used in combination with water reducing agent. It is suggested that fly ash and fine slag are added to improve its construction. When making concrete with silica fume, the weight of the cementitious material is generally the same.
(1) high performance concrete: 5-10%;

(2) hydraulic concrete: 5-10%;

(3) shotcrete: 5-10%;

(4) the pump agent: 2-3%;

(5) wear-resistant industrial floor: 5-10%;

(6) polymer mortar and thermal insulation mortar: 10-15%;

(7) amorphous refractory castable: 6-8%

Before use, please choose reasonable and economical dosage according to the actual needs.

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