Silica fume concrete additive

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Silica fume concrete additive

Silica fume concrete additive

Silica fume concrete additive

According to GB8075 – 87 classification, concrete admixtures can be divided into four categories according to their main functions:

1. admixtures to improve the rheological properties of concrete mixture, including all kinds of water reducing agent, air entraining agent and pumping agent.

2. admixtures for regulating the setting time and hardening performance of concrete, including retarder, early strength agent, accelerator and so on.

3. admixtures for improving the durability of concrete, including air entraining agent, waterproofing agent, and rust inhibitor.

4. admixtures to improve the other properties of concrete admixtures, including air entraining agent, expansive agent, antifreeze, coloring agent, waterproof agent and pumping agent.

According to GB8075 – 87 admixture name and definition, the admixture can be divided into 16 types:

1. common water reducer: collapsbillity conditions are basically the same in concrete, can reduce the mixing water admixture;

2. early strong agent: an admixture to accelerate the early strength development of concrete;

3. retarder: admixture for prolonging the setting time of concrete;

4. air entraining agent: in the process of mixing concrete, a large number of evenly distributed, stable and closed admixtures for small bubbles can be introduced.

5. superplasticizer: collapse is basically the same conditions under concrete, can greatly reduce the mixture water admixture;

6. early strong water reducing agent: the water reducing agent with the function of early strength and water reduction;

7. retarding water reducing agent: water reducing agent with both retarding and water reducing functions;

8. air entraining water reducing agent: admixture with both air entraining and water reducing functions;

9. waterproofing agent: the admixture can reduce the permeability of concrete under the hydrostatic pressure.

10. rust inhibitor: can inhibit or reduce the concrete in the steel or other pre embedded metal corrosion of the admixture;

11. aerated agent: in the process of concrete preparation, the gas can be released by chemical reaction, which can make concrete form a large number of air holes.

12. expansion agent: the concrete can produce a certain expansion of the volume of admixtures;

13. antifreeze: the concrete can harden at the negative temperature and meet the admixture of enough antifreeze within the specified time.

14. coloring agent: can prepare the admixture with stable color concrete;

15. speed coagulant: the admixture that can make the concrete harden quickly;

16. pump agent: admixture that can improve the pumping performance of concrete mixture

Silica fume concrete additive

Microsilica can fill the pores between the cement particles, at the same time, with hydration products produce gel, and with alkaline materials Magnesium Oxide reaction produce gel. In cement based concrete, mortar and refractory castables, a proper amount of silica fume can be used as follows:

1. It can improve the performance of compression, bending, seepage, anticorrosion, impact resistance and wear resistance.

2, has water retention and prevent the segregation, secrete water, greatly reduce the concrete pumping resistance effect.

3, prolong the service life of concrete. In particular, the durability of concrete can be doubled or even doubled in the harsh environment, such as chloride and salt erosion, sulfate erosion, high humidity and so on.

4, the ground ash of the sprayed concrete and castable is greatly reduced and the thickness of the single injection layer is improved.

5. It is a necessary component of high strength concrete. It has been applied to C150 concrete project.

6, has about 5 times the effect of cement, it can reduce the cost in the use of ordinary concrete and low cement castable, and improve the durability.

7, effectively prevent the occurrence of concrete alkali aggregate reaction.

8. Improve the compactness of the castable refractory. With Al2O3 coexist, easy to form mullite phase, making high temperature strength, enhancement heat shock resistance.

Silica fume function:

1. Cement or concrete admixture;
2. Refractory additive;
3. Metallurgical pellet adhesive;
4. Chemical product dispersant;

Scope of application:

Commercial concrete, high strength concrete, self leveling concrete, unshaped refractory material, dry mixed mortar (premixed), high strength non shrinkage grouting material, wear industrial floor, repair mortar, polymer mortar, thermal insulation mortar, impermeability of concrete, concrete, concrete preservatives, compacting agent of cement based polymer waterproofing agent; rubber, plastics, unsaturated polyester, paint, coating and other polymer material reinforcement, and modified ceramic products.

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