Pellet granular micro silica fume powder price

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Pellet granular micro silica fume powder price

Use of microsilica in concrete

Pellet granular micro silica fume price

The micro silica powder can be divided into powdered micro silica fume and granular silica fume powder according to its morphology. In general, the powdered micro silica fume is not processed by the densified equipment; the granular micro silicon powder is processed by the densified equipment. There is a great difference in the density, but there is little difference in the chemical composition.

Granular silica fume is more stable in physical form, its dust is united into ball, it is not easy to lift, and it is better in construction. Some countries have strict requirements for environmental protection, and the use of granular silica powder can reduce the environmental pollution in construction. Granular silica fume has its own advantages in transportation efficiency and cost control.

At present, micro silica fume is widely used in construction industry and refractories industry. With the development of refractory technology in the construction industry and the nature of micro silica powder, the granular silica fume after densified has been widely recognized.

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