Microsilica wt -94d densified silica fume factory

Microsilica wt -94d densified silica fume factory

Use of microsilica in concrete

94d densified silica fume

Densified Microsilica Powder,also called silica fume or micro silica, is a byproduct of production silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys. Silicon metal and alloys are produced in electric furnaces. The raw materials are quartz,coal and woodchips. The smoke that results from furnace operation is collected and sold as silica fume, silica fume consists primarily of amorphous(non-crystalline) silicon dioxide(SiO2), its average granule diameter is 0.15-0.20um,specific surface area is 15000-20000m2/kg, and it has extremely strong surface active.

94d Densified Microsilica Fume Powder:
SiO2: 94% min
Bulk Density:550-700 kgs/m3

1.Silica fume in concrete
2.Silica fume in refractory
3.Silica fume in Ceramics
4.Silica fume in Rubber

94 grade densified microsilica chemical and physics parameter:

Product Name92 Microsilica or Silica fume
Chemical IndexSiO2≥94%
Water content≤2.5%
Loss on ignition≤3%
Physics TargetWater demand ratio≤125%
Density uniformity≤5%
Fineness uniformity≤5%

Silica Fume CAS # : 69012-64-2

Packaging & Delivery

10kg soluble paper bags x 84 on the pallets.
20kg soluble paper bags x 42 on the pallets.
950kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom output )
1000kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets(with or without bottom output )
500kg plastic woven bags x 2 on the pallets (with or without bottom output )
We can also produce according to your requirement.

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