Concrete retarder admixture – Silica fume particle size

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Concrete retarder admixture – Silica fume particle size

silica fume price

silica fume price

Technical Data:

Test ItemStandardResultStandardResultStandardResultStandardResult


SiO2  (%)85% min87.94%90% min92.05%94% min95.46%96% min97.68%
Fe2O3 (%)2.0% max0.47%2.0% max0.57%2.0% max0.04%2.0% max0.02%
Al2O3 (%)2.0% max0.42%2.0% max0.51%

2.0% max

0.27%2.0% max0.18%
CaO (%)2.0% max0.51%2.0% max0.64%2.0% max0.11%2.0% max0.05%
Na2O (%)2.0% max0.63%2.0% max0.58%2.0% max0.41%2.0% max0.10%
Moisture (%)2.0% max0.50%2.0% max0.74%

2.0% max

0.34%2.0% max0.38%
Loss On Ignition (%)3.0%max1.47%3.0%max2.43%3.0%max1.42%3.0%max1.01%
Bulk Density

( Densified )

550-700kg/m3650 kg/m3550-700kg/m3650 kg/m3550-700kg/m3650 kg/m3550-700kg/m3650 kg/m3
Bulk Density (Unidensified)300-380kg/m3330 kg/m3300-380kg/m3330 kg/m3300-380 kg/m3330 kg/m3300-380 kg/m3330 kg/m3

The application of concrete retarder admixture silica fume:

(1). Silica fume in Concrete
– Can increacing strength, density
– Frost resistance, Early strength,
– abrasion resistance performance
– anti-cavitations

(2).Silica fume in Cement
Strengthens the fibre cement product

(3) Silica fume is used in refractory
Greatly improved products strength and high temperature performance.

(4) Other Applications for Silica Fume

– Rubber industry
– Anti-caking industry
– Pellet binder
– Waterglass industry

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